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Monday, October 14, 2013

Fight Hard

It's so easy to stop dreaming. Everyday life can crush our hopes and desires to the point where we find comfort in the memory of a dream once worth fighting for. I'm not sure what changed exactly but I am dreaming again. Bigger and brighter than I ever have before. All this time I thought it was too late to do what I desired so long ago but I'm beginning to realize it was premature until now. Now is the perfect time.

Through hardship we have a choice to let it make or break us. I've been broken for a long time. And I'm starting to feel thankful for it. It's when we are broken that we find strength - because never more do we need it.

It is death or life in the face of adversity. The choice is ours. We cannot stay in a state of turmoil. It needs to end one way or another. I choose to fight harder - love deeper - live better. And it is seriously hard work to stay there. Getting there is easy. It's staying that's difficult. But it is so worth fighting hard for.


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