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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Where is my Anchor?

I can see God in all situations,

But 2020 was an ungodly hour.

We stripped community from society

Denied touch the real power 

To heal a broken heart

And ease a great sorrow

Hate took over.  . .

We carry on unnaturally

Where is my Anchor? 

I want to cross check

But do not trust what I know

Knowledge has the power 

To corrupt and justify

Irrational reasoning 

With fears that multiply

Tossed to and fro 

Amidst a sea of opportunity

I get wrapped up 

In a world of false security

Excusing idiocracy

To be exempt from scrutiny

Like a ship lost at sea

I have lost my way.

Pulled in every direction

I am desperate to stay 

Strong - I will stay strong

No matter how much I want to cave

Where is my Anchor?

Where do I go from here!? 

There is no clear direction 

Of where I want me to be

I never fully know 

When to let go or when to press in

What lures me, though, is unmistakably Him.

God above, if you hear me

Please make yourself known!

I am reminded to pray 

When I cannot cope

But please God, please! 

Help me to see!

I'm running on fumes of grace. . .

Running out of hope.

Whether my journey will find its way again,

Only You know. 

In the meantime, I wait

Not sure of tomorrow

But trust that today

You will have me covered.


Let Him guide. Let Him heal. Let Him teach. Let Him love. Let him move.  

Dare to believe. Dare to trust. Dare to see. Dare to dream. Dare to learn. Dare to change. . .

Goodness will have the last say.

©  2021 Kaley Kiewiet
All rights reserved