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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

At odds with mundane

"Be who you want to be when no one else is around, so when they do come around you're proud of who you've become."

This came to me today as there is everything I'd rather do than the task of keeping up on my home. It's a daily struggle for me to remove that ugly, heavy feeling from the task at hand; a deep pit of contempt. How silly really. It's just a task of doing what's necessary. It shouldn't feel so hard. As a matter of fact I shouldn't feel anything other than a mild "eh." It's no different than having to take a shower - it simply needs to get done.

I'm a creative in nature which means I'm spontaneous and struggle to keep routine, unless of course there is something driving me to do it. Thank God for my children because they have become a driving force.

I have really good days and really bad ones. Extremism is the result of perfectionism. My husband and I laugh at each other because when we do something, it's either all the way or not at all. We are both cursed with this. It's good on one hand because we have an understanding for each other and when it's time to buckle down we do it intensely; but bad on the other because we both struggle to stop at "good enough."  Imagine life in the Kiewiet home...Ha!

I've been reading The House That Cleans Itself (if only) and it's been really good. The selling factor for me is that it's about changing your home to comply with your behavior, rather than changing your behavior to comply with your home. I also keep up with It's a good website to help you gain control of your home and schedule, and really annoying with all the email reminders - there's no getting away from it!! :)

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Monday, January 6, 2014

The great man next to me

He is often saddened that he cannot provide more for me. More in the sense of money, experiences. . .things. . .

What he provides for me far outweighs anything that is seen. No one gets to applaud him for it as it's done in secret, every single day. It is his time - his attentiveness to my emotional status. Each day he lays next to me, weary, yet thankful for a full day of work and little play. If I'm sad or excited about something he will sit, listen and be with me no matter what the conversation brings.

There is nothing I want more than what he already gives. Each day is a gift to have each other; to lean on, to listen, to be with in those insignificant moments that bring strength, comfort and security without us knowing. 

I cherish every dull and exciting moment with him. We have become hermits, satisfied in our love for each other. We are very out of touch with the real world these days, but never more in touch with each other. We are no longer ok when a week goes by without having a moment to ourselves. I love that. There is nothing I want to experience without him. He proves to me time and time again that I am valuable. Even when I'm not so pleasant, attractive or charming, his interest in me never wavers. He takes me for all that I am and loves me in spite of all that I'm not. And I love him all the same. 

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

So my love. . . on the days you wish you could do more, please remember: I would much rather you than anything money could buy - or the surprises that could be. I trust and respect you more than anyone in this world. Any adventure we may take in the future does not make us "more" - the goodness we share in every day life is already as good as it gets - and it's wonderful.

Even in our differences we have the freedom to be ourselves. There is no pressure to be anyone different. That is the greatest gift of all. I love you Ben. YOU are the greatest gift.

Let it be enough

Whatever comes from the heart, let it be enough. 

Someone will always package a similar gesture in a prettier box. It's inevitable. Rest in who you are and the extensions from you. No one can do what you do in the way you do it. It may not be the loudest or the prettiest - but it is original, authentic.

At the end of the day when glamour fades, authenticity remains.