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Saturday, August 19, 2017

I'm sorry, no

An ocean of words to say at times, but no ground to lay them on.

Thoughts, dreams, and fears roll around, like a singer without a song.

The dreams I used to see grow dim, to endless possibilities.

I clench, rile, embrace, push back, to all things - full of doubt.

It's difficult, to focus on what fills me up the most.

I'm used to feeling tapped and broke, while chasing winds that trap.

Words escape me presently, though few of them remain.

Words like "minimize," "prioritize," ensue incredibly.

I will not compromise the goal, to live life fully me.

So letting go, while painful, bleak, is the only way I'll be:

Better. I am today, to consider a new way.

Capable. To do what's hard. It breaks, but also shapes.

Consider life with less and less. Less of everything.

Less time for good to get in the way of greater, great, best.

Less time to worry over things that may or may not be.

Less time for anything, that is not true to me.

More time to value people; value passion, talent, rest.

More time may seem impossible, when life gets full so fast.

The only way for greatness to rise up and stand a chance,

Is the moment I stand tall and say to good, "I'm sorry, no."

I'm sorry, no. I wont let time slip by to less important things.

My husband dreams of conversation, slow, without an end.

I'm sorry, no. No time for extra things, unless they're extraordinary.

My children seek my time, affection, wrapped up in books and blankies.

I'm sorry, no. World news, while you're important, my heart you do not own.

It belongs to people closest to me, who need a hand to hold.

To a world of endless options; the leech sucking lie of "more."

One thing I'll say to you, and that is, "I'm sorry, no."


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