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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

America's Soul: Lost in False Empathy

False empathy is rampant in America.
It esteems itself in the trenches of despair, dissension, bondage, unforgiveness; with a relentless drive to hang onto injustice more greatly than to offer mercy. 
False empathy is apparent when the message of hope no longer falls from our lips.

There is no restoration in continued protest. It is a focus that stirs disaster in the human soul. Liberating marginalized, valuable people does not look like a mass of those more fortunate, rolling around, hashing, rehashing, over and over again, in the bile that holds victims captive. We continue to victimize valuable people who deserve and desire reconciliation. Stagnant on the streets of despair, with signs of personal hostility does not lift up America's soul, but rather tears it down. Justice is found in reconciliation. Reconciliation is achieved only when we move forward.

It is time we move forward.

Cover your eyes to false empathy. While protests continue, move silently among a broken people, looking past differences, seeking to embrace those who want to stand tall and desire to move forward. Meet people in despair, but do not stay there. Love does not stew. It gently lifts up, inspires with hope, and calls to action. 

Love deep. 

Inspire with hope. 

Move forward. 

Work hard. 



~ a memoir of motherhood and life