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Monday, September 9, 2013

The Twinkle

just a little heart pouring. . .

Sometimes it comes.
The twinkle in the eye of hope.
It breathes life, love, joy
Restores my soul anew.
Just enough to say "keep on"
Don't lose sight of whats to come
But whats to come never comes
So I sit and wait, again.

Just enough to get by
Just enough to stop the cry
But "just enough" is losing still
To pain, sorrow, and larger still~
This hole is filled with heartache
No joy to employ, to overtake
Unless mercy comes with wings
And carries me out of this misery.

I wish the twinkle would stay a little longer.
That hope would be more real than the other
That life would give a most gracious hand
And wipe my tears away again
Come quickly now as I can't ignore
The life I once knew
The life of more
More than this hour
More than this pain
That is stealing from me all that was gain.

#nurturecalls copyright Kaley Kiewiet

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