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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

At odds with mundane

"Be who you want to be when no one else is around, so when they do come around you're proud of who you've become."

This came to me today as there is everything I'd rather do than the task of keeping up on my home. It's a daily struggle for me to remove that ugly, heavy feeling from the task at hand; a deep pit of contempt. How silly really. It's just a task of doing what's necessary. It shouldn't feel so hard. As a matter of fact I shouldn't feel anything other than a mild "eh." It's no different than having to take a shower - it simply needs to get done.

I'm a creative in nature which means I'm spontaneous and struggle to keep routine, unless of course there is something driving me to do it. Thank God for my children because they have become a driving force.

I have really good days and really bad ones. Extremism is the result of perfectionism. My husband and I laugh at each other because when we do something, it's either all the way or not at all. We are both cursed with this. It's good on one hand because we have an understanding for each other and when it's time to buckle down we do it intensely; but bad on the other because we both struggle to stop at "good enough."  Imagine life in the Kiewiet home...Ha!

I've been reading The House That Cleans Itself (if only) and it's been really good. The selling factor for me is that it's about changing your home to comply with your behavior, rather than changing your behavior to comply with your home. I also keep up with It's a good website to help you gain control of your home and schedule, and really annoying with all the email reminders - there's no getting away from it!! :)

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